It has been a year, Dec 17th, 2006

Mom, I cannot believe you are gone for one year. Your body is no longer in pain but your spirit lingers guiding us. Oh, I cannot believe you are no longer walking amongst us mere mortals. As your friends and family have said, Mom, you are an angel. When I am afraid or undecided or have a difficult moment, I know you are around to help me through the event.

I am not alone as you are at my side nurturing as you always have. You are at all of our sides, helping us through the difficult moments without you.

On my voyage, you put your hand gently on my back and guide my, assist me, and care for me as you have always done. When I have gone the wrong way you wait for me at the fork of road knowing I will need your support to choose the correct branch of my life. You are sitting at the crossroads patiently waiting for me to arrive. You believe in me and you give me your motherly advice based on love and concern.

In return for all the years you gave me and us, we will plant a tree. No, not good enough. We will plant 10,000 trees in your honor and in your memory. The trees will grow and provide us all with the essence of life. In your memory, your life’s energy will continue to provide us with life’s essentials. Love!

I love you and I sure miss you. When you left us, I did not want you to suffer any more, but I did not want to let you go. I am selfish. I care. I was afraid. It has been a year and I still miss you.

Love you